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ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C

ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C
ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C
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ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C
ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C
ARROW SPLIT​ 31500 BTU​ - Cool only​ ، White​ ، RO-36COC-C
  • Model: Split Air Conditioner
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ARROW SPLIT 31500 BTU - Cool only ، White ، RO-36COC-C


  • Brand Name: Arrow.
  • White color
  • Model Number: RO-36COC-C
  • cool
  • Type: Split system
  • Double layer air skylight
  • Automatic cleaner
  • Hidden LED display
  • Inner grooved copper tube
  • Turbo
  • Carbon filter
  • 4D air flow
  • Sleep mode
  • Drip prevention
  • Prevent freezing
  • Hiding led display
  • 24 hours on or off
  • Aluminum fins are water-loving
  • Cooling capacity: 31500 units

Shaped Efficient Evaporator

Evaporator is one of the most important components and the main carrier to realize heating and cooling exchange in air conditioner. Other brands' air conditioning mainly used 3 bending type evaporator which is slow, noisy and waste. Arrow uses C-shaped evaporator, compared with the normal evaporator, it's heat exchange area increased to 15-30%. At the same time, it avoids the air reverse blowing increases 12-25% cooling and heating speed. It effectively reduce the noise level.  (Data from Arrow National Laboratory) 

Tooth-Shaped Inner-Grooved Copper Tube

By adopting newly tooth-shape design high efficiency groove inner copper screw technology to enlarge the area between refrigerant and copper, the efficiency of heat exchange can be improved about 30-50%.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode can keep the room temperature in certain level and protect people from getting cold. 

Golden Fin

Compared with traditional aluminum fin, golden hydraulic fin with very unique coating. the using life lasts longer with much better anti-erosion characteristic. 

High Voltage Protection

Arrow PCB (Power Circuit Board) was upgraded to increase its ability to withstand voltage variations, thus ensuring safety against high-voltage or power surges while ultimately strengthening the air conditioner's overall durability.

Non equidistant Fan

Arrow AC uses non equidistant fan, scatter sound source, less resonance; less frequency, effectively lower noise, and obtain China's national patent. 


Dust on the evaporator will be removed automatically by pressing a button on remote control. 

Cold plasma

is a device that ionizes the air by positive and negative high voltage electrodes simultaneously. Through air ionization, it can reduce dust, relieve stress and improve immunity. 

3 in 1 Filter

The filter is excellent dust removal efficiency , the release of beneficial physical and mental health of negative ions, such as the early morning forest, refreshing, to protect family health, good breath, good life. 

Anti-bacteria Filter

The filter is made of quality static fibre which can absorb the tiny particle and dust in the air, including the scurf of pets and mildew. It also contains active environmental-friendly component which can keep the best air quality. 

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