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Arrow Rooftop Package AC, RO-10TF

Arrow Rooftop Package AC, RO-10TF
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Arrow Rooftop Package AC, RO-10TF
  • Model: Rooftop Package AC
  • SKU: RO-10TF
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High Efficiency

Rooftop Package A/C

Smart control system

Wired controller

Wired controller:

KJR-29B (standard)

Touch key

Mode, Speed setting

Temperature setting

Follow me

Daily timer

Clock display

Keyboard lock

Background light

Clean filter reminder

Wired controller:

KJR-12B (optional)

Button key

Mode, Speed setting

Temperature setting

Follow me

Daily timer

Background light

Wired controller:

KJR-25B (optional)

Button key

Mode, Speed setting

Temperature setting

Daily timer

Keyboard lock

Filter Monitor

Centralized controller:

Centralized control function. It is a multifunctional device which is able to control up to 64 units.

The control object can be either single or all, making the controlling operation convenient. It also easy to check

all units’ status.


Durable Cabinet:

1,000 hours salt spray test is

passed. G90 galvanized heavy

gauge plate conforming to


Rotatable and Durable control box:

Easy operation & spray-painted

against corrosion

Variable pulley & Large centrifugal Fan

Except 5 Ton unit

Anti-corrosion &

Large metal axial fan

High efficient heat exchanger

Tropical Copeland and

Dandoss scroll compressor

System self-diagnostic

Press the ‘Check’ button, the LED display in PCB board

of the unit will dislay the normal checking code.

If the unit is in running with abnormal operation, the

LED display will show the error code.

Flexible installation 

Compact design

Flanges of air flow inlet and outlet as standard

It is suitable for installation in rooftop and ground.

External pressure gauge ports 

The unit provides external pressure gauge ports for convenient

and fast checking system pressure without removing the panel.


Electric heater kit is optional.

Washable fi¬lter 

Washable nylon filter as standard. 

Aluminum filter is optional

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